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Pubpaper 702 – Snow Trapped Pubs

Posted: 31st March 2013 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing
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Snow glorious snow, in the week before Easter you couldn’t avoid it, especially if you live atop a hill like me.  Older locals are saying that they haven’t seen this much since 1963 or 1969 according to who you talk to.  Buried cars and hitting 7 foot walls of snow on country lanes become the […]

I’ll make no apologies for starting this week’s column with a good dose of promotion for local charities. Those interested in the usual mix of news and views, skip to the half way down the article. Long term readers will know that I am heavily involved in the Ramfest Music Festival at Southowram Cricket Club, […]

In the second of my holiday articles, I will reflect back on a year of regular writing for PubPaper, all 55 columns and 41,000 words.  Sometimes its been easy to write a weekly missive, others its been the equivalent of pulling a tooth out of the horses mouth while it is running the Grand National. […]

Had 4 photos published in the Halifax Courier on Mon 11th July from Ramfest 2011. The full article is here, with the originals below  

Recently I’ve working on the poster and programme, as well as dealing with local media for this years inaugural Ram Fest Music Festival on Sunday 4th July. We’ve got 6 bands on from 2pm until 7.45am, ranging from acoustic guitar to rock to Elvis. Good beer and a fine BBQ will be available all day. […]