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In one more week we will reach the start of the Christmas party season when people who haven’t drank any significant amounts of alcohol all year decide to get their annual hangover while being filmed doing something embarrassing.  In the past few years I’ve attended formal dinners, James Bond and Arabian Nights themed evenings, but […]

We all have our favourite breweries.  For mainstream lager drinkers they will be the likes of Molson Coors, Carlsberg or InBev who produce products such as Stella, Carlsberg, Coors and Carling.  If you like real ale, but stick to the larger brands, your choice may well be Timothy Taylor, Black Sheep or Copper Dragon if […]

I start this week with a story. A couple of weeks ago I was stood outside The Brewery Tap on the station approach in Leeds.  Having spotted they had Magic Rock Dark Arts on tap, I checked they allowed families in without eating, and was minutes away from trying one of the Magic Rock beers, something I’ve not been […]

Beer Guinea Pigs

Posted: 27th May 2012 by santobugtio in Writing
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I have took recently to using mainstream drinkers to test out giving beers I like and see how they react when given a “craft” version of the beers they normally drink.  For example, when a lager drinker visited a month or so ago, I served up Meantime London Lager and William Bros Caesar Augustus.  I […]

In the world of brewing there a 3 broad camps in which a brewery can fall into, multinationals like InBev and Heineken, large national brewers like Greene King, Marsons, Black Sheep and Wells, and then you have smaller operations, brewers like York Brewery, Mallinsons, Magic Rock and Thornbridge.  Brewdog just make this last category, but […]

What do you get if you cross two ex teachers, a love of real ale and a room full of hops to choose from?  The result is no joke, just a range of 11 distinctive single hop beers (all sampled personally) which are consistently good as well as bitters, milds and stouts. West Yorkshire is […]

Pubpaper 654 – In Praise of the Mighty Hop

Posted: 23rd April 2012 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing
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Where would we be without hops? Well, if English Ale had remained as it was before hops introduction around 1400, then it would a be murky malt based fermented liquid with an alcohol content of about 13%. On the continent, hops had been in brewing use since about 800AD, but took 500 years to take […]