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At last summer seems to have shown its face and gave us temperatures which are not prefixed with a minus character.  This means that for one weekend a month until August we can sit outside in the beer garden wearing just a t-shirt and enjoy our beers in the fresh air.  However summer also means […]

One of my heroes is the late great comedian Bill Hicks who died nearly 20 years ago just as his career was about to really take off at the age of 32 from pancreatic cancer.   Among an extensive body of excellent work, he did a sketch about George Bush Senior waiting until he was out […]

As you may have guessed, Heineken are not my favourite brand of beer at the moment with their complicity in the stitch up that is the blanket restriction of promoting competing brands within a certain distance of an Olympic venue.  This week the news broke on the cost of food and drink within these venues, […]

In the world of brewing there a 3 broad camps in which a brewery can fall into, multinationals like InBev and Heineken, large national brewers like Greene King, Marsons, Black Sheep and Wells, and then you have smaller operations, brewers like York Brewery, Mallinsons, Magic Rock and Thornbridge.  Brewdog just make this last category, but […]

A few weeks ago, one of the top beer writers Roger Protz covered the fact that Heineken have sole beer rights at Olympic venues, however they only went in as a third tier sponsor limiting them to having only one named product,in this case their namesake lager Heineken.  In addition to this they can provide […]

A few weeks ago I mentioned that BrewDog were taking a second stab at raising funds for expansion via their “Equity for Punks” share issue.  Last time round in 2009 they only achieved a third of what they required, however this issue is going a lot better and they have already raised £1m towards their […]

You’ve heard the phrase “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt”.  After my visit to the Vox Bar in Huddersfield I can truthfully say all three, as I am currently sitting here wearing the said item.  Sitting behind Wetherspoons, this bar has ales on tap from every country of brewing note, as well as as […]

As regular readers will know I am a huge fan of the beers produced by Brew Dog based near Aberdeen.  Their Punk IPA, 5am Saint and Hardcore IPA are all excellent beers, although you have to be a serious hop head to really enjoy the Hardcore at 9.2%.  Although the brewery is only 4 years […]