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It is very easy to get trapped into a cycle of visiting the same pubs repeatedly, for most people this is not an issue, in fact it is behaviour like this which keeps many local pubs profitable.  Two or three pints does not sound much, but repeated 2-3 times a week plus a couple of […]

A couple of months ago I wrote about the need, both legally and from a beer point of view of a good landlord.  However it is the bar staff that are the face of the pub to most customers.  From bartenders to duty managers, bad bar staff can result in poor quality beer being delivered […]

The Halifax Real Ale Mile runs from the Ring O’Bells along the bottom of town till it reaches the Shears Inn, taking 5 pubs known for a good ale selection.  Two of the central pubs on the mile are the most established, namely the Three Pigeons and the Pump Room, two pubs I used to […]

I enjoy my real ale and craft beers, so far this year I have tried approximately 40 different brews, of those stouts and porters make up over a quarter.  The split between bottled and draught beer is roughly half.    Sampling 12 different beers this past weekend helped add to this total.   There is a definite […]

In the second of my holiday articles, I will reflect back on a year of regular writing for PubPaper, all 55 columns and 41,000 words.  Sometimes its been easy to write a weekly missive, others its been the equivalent of pulling a tooth out of the horses mouth while it is running the Grand National. […]

Recently I’ve working on the poster and programme, as well as dealing with local media for this years inaugural Ram Fest Music Festival on Sunday 4th July. We’ve got 6 bands on from 2pm until 7.45am, ranging from acoustic guitar to rock to Elvis. Good beer and a fine BBQ will be available all day. […]