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The black stuff is hitting dark times, Guinness sales are on the wane, with a 10% drop in volume and 5% drop in value in the past 12 months.  They are blaming the contracting beer market for this drop despite there being only a 4.5% drop in volume and an actual 1.3% increase in value […]

Over the last few weeks I have covered various aspects of alcohol marketing and branding, from failed launches to those who have a very good track record in getting it right.  One of the latter is Guinness who’s reputation for eye catching adverts over the last 30 years is second to none, unlike the beer […]

Last week I mentioned the two questions posed by one of my fellow bloggers boakandbailey, which, to recap were 1) In a strange pub with well kept mainstream cask ales, but a distinctive range of keg beers, which would you choose and  2) In the same circumstances, if there were mainstream keg beers, but an […]