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This week I want to kick off with one of my favourite brewers, Greene King, those purveyors of high quality unique beer who freely encourage a wide choice of guest beers in their tied pubs.  You may detect a large pinch of sarcasm in that last sentence.    The sight of a pub having three Greene […]

Greene King’s New Beers – The Response

Posted: 15th April 2012 by admin in Writing
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My normal writing cycle is a eight hundred word article every week to suit the publication of Pubpaper, where these articles are normally printed.  I’ve had a rare couple of weeks off as the piece for next week has already been written in conjunction with a local ale house and brewer for prior fact checking. […]

As anybody who has followed me in the past should know Greene King are not my favourite big brewer. In fact it is a brand I personally will not drink due to the blandness and inconsistency of the beer.  Only a few months ago, I wrote about moving onto coffee when Greene King and Guinness […]

This article is a re-edit of two previous articles I wrote for Pubpaper, but targeted at CAMRA members.  You can find the original articles here and here.  The PDF of the published magazine can be found here The world of real ale is reaching the crossroads.  We have travelled far enough up the road that […]

I mentioned Greene King last week, and they are again in the news with the announcement of their rebranding and end of year results.  Sadly not brewing decent beer yet then.  The logo will change from the “Green Abbot” to “The Bury St Edmunds Crown and Arrows”.  I admit the logo does look a lot […]

Ever since the Halifax real ale triangle was completed once again with the re-opening of the Royal Oak as Dirty Dicks Food and Ale Emporium, I have been looking for an excuse to visit.  This Friday seemed the perfect opportunity to sample what looked to be an excellent food and drink selection.   The promise did […]