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At last summer seems to have shown its face and gave us temperatures which are not prefixed with a minus character.  This means that for one weekend a month until August we can sit outside in the beer garden wearing just a t-shirt and enjoy our beers in the fresh air.  However summer also means […]

Sometimes a company just walks into its own trap.   Fosters for example is very much associated with the classic Monty Python line “What has Australian beer and making love in a canoe got in common, both are f**king close to water”.   So the news that they are launching a new variant called Radler, which is […]

Last weeks column drew a mixed reception when published online, with disagreement from one of the bigger online beer writers, who won “beer blogger of the year” recently as well as having several published books to his name, telling me to “stop worrying about what other people drink”.  I also received a text message from […]

As you know I am normally a pale ale drinker, but recently have been getting into stouts to a greater degree.  You will know I have recommended the hoppier ales from Brewdog many times in this column, and I had the luck to spot a new stout from them in a local supermarket last weekend. […]

A few weeks ago I mentioned that BrewDog were taking a second stab at raising funds for expansion via their “Equity for Punks” share issue.  Last time round in 2009 they only achieved a third of what they required, however this issue is going a lot better and they have already raised £1m towards their […]

I mentioned Greene King last week, and they are again in the news with the announcement of their rebranding and end of year results.  Sadly not brewing decent beer yet then.  The logo will change from the “Green Abbot” to “The Bury St Edmunds Crown and Arrows”.  I admit the logo does look a lot […]