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Home brewing has moved on from the days of buying a ton of plastic and a “bitter” beer kit from Boots and making a generic brew.  There are many home brewers now who are using top quality fresh hops, their own cultured yeasts and maltings to create very good distinctive beers.  When I had guests […]

A pint of the black stuff used to mean just one drink to me, “Guinness”, but as I wrote a few weeks ago, I’ve seriously fell out of love with the stuff, and have actively been trying as many stouts and porters as I can over the past couple of months.  I’m only a couple […]

We have now started to put the CAMRA vs Craft Keg issue into a short period of hibernation, although it will wake up rather quickly in an angry mood once the results of the working group reach members and the interested general public in a few months time.  It’s time for some peace and harmony […]