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Last week the British Beer and Pub Assocation (BBPA) announced that overall alcohol consumption in 2013 was at its lowest figure in 20 years, falling to 7.7 litres per person, a drop of 18% since 2004 and 2.1% down on the previous years figures.   However as always things are not that simple, and when you […]

Cider and Perry are fairly simple products, pressed apples or pears left to ferment and produce alcohol.  Even relatively mainstream producers such as Thatcher, Westons and Aspalls produce a variety of ciders which are interesting to drink.  You can go from Thatchers Gold at 4.5% to Westons Vintage Cider at 8.3% and get an cider […]

It is very easy to get trapped into a cycle of visiting the same pubs repeatedly, for most people this is not an issue, in fact it is behaviour like this which keeps many local pubs profitable.  Two or three pints does not sound much, but repeated 2-3 times a week plus a couple of […]

Pubpaper 675 – Beer and Cider Branding

Posted: 17th September 2012 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing
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The branding of mainstream beers and ciders is a multi million pound industry in its own right. Their methods of keeping our attention vary from one advertising agency to the next, but they all fight to gain our focus.   A large percentage of this money is spent by a few multinationals promoting their core and […]

What is beer? The answers to this question are numerous. Personally for me, it is my preferred drink of choice which I have a deep interest in and a product I search out interesting variations of.  It is also what enables me to write the 750 words that fill this column each week.  For other […]

Last week I had the opportunity to visit Wetherspoons Beer Festival in Brighouse and sample a couple of the American Craft Brews I mentioned earlier in the month, and I am glad to report that they were both nice beers. The Mordue Red Rye Riwaka and Odell Ninety Schilling had a nice amount of hops […]