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In the third part of my Good Beer Guide retrospective we jump forward 11 years for the turn of the millenium.  The first thing you notice is how much thicker the 2000 edition is, approx twice the thickness of the 1989 book, the second thing you notice is there is a lot more editorial content […]

The mostly widely discussed topic in the British beer world in recent times is the Beer Duty Escalator (BDE), a treasury policy which increases the duty on beer by inflation + 2% every March budget.  This was introduced in 2008 by the then Labour government and is expected to be in place until the 2014/15 […]

I start this week with a story. A couple of weeks ago I was stood outside The Brewery Tap on the station approach in Leeds.  Having spotted they had Magic Rock Dark Arts on tap, I checked they allowed families in without eating, and was minutes away from trying one of the Magic Rock beers, something I’ve not been […]

CAMRA are bringing out a mixed bag of feelings this month in me.  Pushing me away from them is the rejection of the majority of the craft beer motions submitted by the working group which was set up to investigate the matter to its National Executive, although my annoyance is that one in particular was […]

One little word makes all the difference.  On budget day George Osbourne announced there would no changes to planned alcohol duty. Initially this read (even by the BBC) as duty was not to be increased, but after listening more carefully what he said, what was really meant was that there was no change from the […]

It is not an overestimation that there are too many cooking shows on TV now, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration that there are too many food channels.  When I was at university and into the mid nineties two shows ruled the roost, Ready Steady Cook and Food and Drink, with the second being the […]

The attack dogs have been put on a leash temporarily in the dog fight that was the craft / keg / cask / real ale war.  The troops are playing football in no mans land and managing not to put in two footed tackles.  This means we can get down to the important element in […]

There has been much written both in the blogosphere among beer writers and in this paper by myself and the editor regarding CAMRA’s attitude to keg beer.  Their view on the subject is generally considered to be both unhealthy to the beer trade generally and being too inclusive given the craft keg beer revolution which […]

This article is a re-edit of two previous articles I wrote for Pubpaper, but targeted at CAMRA members.  You can find the original articles here and here.  The PDF of the published magazine can be found here The world of real ale is reaching the crossroads.  We have travelled far enough up the road that […]

Last weeks column drew a mixed reception when published online, with disagreement from one of the bigger online beer writers, who won “beer blogger of the year” recently as well as having several published books to his name, telling me to “stop worrying about what other people drink”.  I also received a text message from […]