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The mostly widely discussed topic in the British beer world in recent times is the Beer Duty Escalator (BDE), a treasury policy which increases the duty on beer by inflation + 2% every March budget.  This was introduced in 2008 by the then Labour government and is expected to be in place until the 2014/15 […]

Let me give you a scenario “A man goes into a bar, has more than a few drinks, come 11pm, the same man allegedly starts a brawl where he lashed out and headbutted a fellow drinker, then started attacking several other patrons. The bar in question is unlicensed and serves alcohol at subsidised prices.   The […]

The attack dogs have been put on a leash temporarily in the dog fight that was the craft / keg / cask / real ale war.  The troops are playing football in no mans land and managing not to put in two footed tackles.  This means we can get down to the important element in […]