Holiday Part 4 – Portmerrion and Ffestiniog Railway

Posted: 27th September 2009 by admin in Travel

On the last two days of the holiday, we did the local tourist things you do when you are in the Portmadog area, mainly go on one of the steam trains and go to visit Portmeirion. I’ll cover the latter first, as it had more of an impact on me.

Portmeirion photos can be found here

I’ve never been a die hard fan on the Prisoner TV series, but a passive fan. However Portmerrion was top of my places to visit while we were over here, and I wasn’t disappointed. I started watching the series again this weekend, and its so much more interesting when you recognise the locations for the scenes from your visit.

It is a beautiful place, not massive in area village wise, but with many little passages to explore. The main square is amazing, with the best view being from No 2’s house with the green domed roof. You spot new subtle features every time you go through an area for the 2nd or 3rd time, and could happily have spent a full day there with several changes of batteries and memory cards for my camera.

The variety of colours of the buildings and styles of architecture make you wonder what’s round the next corner. The walk down to the hotel and beach leads to the stone boat that could be seen at the Old Peoples Home scenes in the TV show, and if you walk further on from there, you can reach the end of the peninsula and the lighthouse returning through the woods.

You can see why they filmed the TV series there, it has that feeling about the place, lots of little passages, stair cases going off in all directions, and lots of places to overlook you, you could be spied on here and not know, in a positive way its quite an oppressive layout, very contained, yet as a visitor it overcomes this with the amazing views from every angle on any path and from any angle

There are buildings that are there for no reason, but for aesthetic reasons, and rightly so, the village was built by Clough Williams-Ellis, it was as an indulgence, and I wish there were more indulgences like this.

If you are a die hard fan of the show, you can even buy a 5.5ft tall white balloon for £30 from number 6’s cottage, I decided to just get the t-shirt instead.

I’ll be adding the Ffestiniog railway section in the next few days.