Pubpaper 886 – Festive Pub Time

Posted: 2nd January 2017 by santobugtio in Uncategorized

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and got to visit all the pubs you wanted to and sample all the beers your taste buds desired.  Looking at the facebook feeds from our various real ale pubs from across the Calder Valley they seemed to do good trade across the season, it’s just a pity some scum have taken advantage of the season in Siddal.  There were break ins at both the Siddal Place and Cross Keys, with three charity boxes taken from the latter establishment via a broken window.

I planned to visit more establishments over the season, but health again got in the way of a number of visits, including my New Years Eve and a second planned visit to the Cross Keys. (the New Years Eve event at the Cross Keys appeared to knock off at a respectable 2.15am with them reporting it was the best New Years Eve ever, their first ticketless event).   But I managed to pop in just before Christmas where Hugh and Ruth were in good spirits for the festive season and a few well deserved halves were imbibed, a New Years Day visit was also fitted in where Exit 33 and Vocation beers went down rather nicely.   It was good to catch up with Hugh post the festive season and see how it had been treating them and the team. All the best to them and all our pubs in 2017 and hope they enjoy increased trade and personal success.

One establishment I did visit a number of times was the Pumproom, a place I’m enjoying more from an atmosphere and beer perspective.  Tony is building a good team there with Tom Dyson on board from Wetherspoons full time now.  There is a good crowd building up including a number of other real ale pub landlords which is always a good sign that the beer is being kept well and interesting.  A mix of the regular real ale drinkers and those killing time while waiting for a bus works well, while the beer range from Elland to as far as the Northern West is satisfying most palettes.

I paid a visit to our more tourist oriented neighbours over the festive season and Hebden Bridge was seeing some a nice upturn in trade both shop and pub wise between Christmas and New Year.  Me and a friend took a walk out of town and popped into the Stubbing Wharf for a beer.   A solid range of beers presented itself at the bar, each sampling differently, with both meeting approval.  Food trade was brisk with all the downstairs tables taken mainly for that purpose when we entered, forcing us to wait upstairs for a table to become free, the crowds extending throughout the pub, although it had emptied slightly as we left.  A walk along the canal back into town and a bit of shopping observed the Old Gate is busy as always on both exit and return.  

The town has mostly recovered from the floods of a year ago with only one pub still closed, the White Swan re-opening with a decent refit from a brief look in the window.  Calans sadly got missed out on my trip, but will be included in my next trip for sure as it would be good to see Allan and Alison again.   Instead we popped into Drink for some bottled ale, and whilst there it would be rude not to have a quick beer from their collection at the bar.  The beers sampled slip my mind, but both were tasty and nicely kept.  A nice relaxed vibe is present in the place with a good mix of retail and on premise drinkers.  Prior to the festive season I made a number of visits to Libertine in Mytholmroyd, A nice range of cask and keg beers keep me and my fellow drinkers happy,  ranging from Vocation at Cragg Vale to the joy that is Titanic Plum Porter, a wonderful beer wherever I’ve tried it. The town which is now back up to 3 pubs again, a full recovery of venues from a year ago, abhet some without full facilities.

All th best until next week and enjoy your beer!