poster_v2smallThose who want to read about beer, please skip to column 2, because it is that time of year again when I promote the Ramfest Music Festival at Southowram Cricket Club on Sunday July 5th from 1pm, now in its sixth year, raising more money for our two nominated charities and bringing you some of the best bands from the local area. Returning to our traditional Sunday slot, we’ve got 6 great bands for you to enjoy all the way through till 8pm.  Entry is only £5 per adult and £1 per child, car parking is free on site.

Our first charity this year are Ravenscliffe School who are raising money for Ravenscliffe@SpringHall.  This project aims to build a trackside 6th Form and Community Centre at Spring Hall and since 2014, have raised the £2.4 million needed to develop the building, over £1 million of which was donated by local people.  What we want to help to fund is fitting out the building so the kids at the school have some fantastic facilities.

Our second charity is the Young Carers Service, who work with children and young people aged 8-18 who help care for a family member with an enduring illness, physical or mental health problems, learning difficulties or dependency issues.  The provide support via activity sessions, project work, residential weekends and one to one support.

We’ve got some of last years favourites returning to Ramfest this year, with last years headliners International Party Doctors leading the way.  The ever popular and widely acclaimed Psychoslinkys and Jake Smallbones return to the Ramfest stage, Jake becoming one of the rising stars on the Brighouse music scene over the last year.  We are also delighted to announced the return of While the Cat’s Away, a long term supporter of the event who sadly had to pull out of last years event.

This year we add Lewrey, a Huddersfield based band who were part of the BBC Introducing program, before going onto further success.   Also performing are the talented staff and students from Ravenscliffe School who will kick off the event at 1pm.  Supporting all of the bands we have DJ Ben Bottomley keeping the music going all day.  With beer at £10 for 4 pints, some of the cheapest festival beer you will find and four great food stalls keeping you filled all day along with kids entertainment throughout the event, it’s a great day out for everyone.  Please come along and support our great charities and have a great day.

Now back to the beer.  The summer is apparently upon us now, not that the weather tells you that.  Rather every “fruit cider” manufacturer has brought out a new flavour to tempt drinkers into consuming a chemically flavoured poor excuse for a base cider.

P1160030-50pc JPG UploadI was at the Brighouse 1940’s weekend and what was great was to see all the pubs doing good trade and getting in the spirit of the event, although some pub owners are probably glad it is not every weekend for the sake of their health and sanity.  Over 100,000 people are estimated to have visited over the weekend, excusing the pun, practically an invasion of the town.  Also what is nice at weekends like this is being able to walk around town with a beer in hand as you take in the event.

The outside bar was also a pleasant surprise, rather than be the usual 3 mainstream brands and a couple of big brand ales, there was a good range of 4-5 real ales and more cider choice than just Strongbow as well as the expected core lager choice.  Most of the beer sourced relatively locally, they had some good session beers on tap and the weather helped trade, although the stiffer breezier on the Saturday drew more people into the pubs that day I was told.  The Sunday brought out the best sight of the day however, with some bloke in 1940’s dress, pitching a deck chair on the pedestrian crossing outside the Ship Inn, supping a beer, a picture as English as you can get.

It is these sort of festivals which can make or break a pub.  In a pub I am involved in, in Kirklees, there are 5-6 weekends or festivals a year in the town which can define how well you do across the year.   You either are a destination town or you have to drive visitors.  Sowerby Bridge is now a destination for nights out and is well known for its pubs,  Hebden Bridge is a tourist trap (in the nicest way) and thus can support a good number of pubs, but market towns like Brighouse need to bring people in and with this, the music weekend and the other events they bring crucial trade to its shops and pubs.


  1. Juan says:

    ” is not bsuacee Ramfest doesn’t care about Durban. They came here didn’t they? There were no Durban bands last night bsuacee no Durban bands made it onto the official Ramfest line up. Ramfest is a three day festival; the Durban and Jozi legs are merely smaller, targeted versions of that. Its not so much the organizers fault as the bands themselves that no Durban bands featured. Did they submit? Were they of a high enough standard? If Ramfest had a certain line up for CT and Jozi, and then Durban’s leg had Dbn bands that weren’t on the other two bills, it would mean we had our own [lower] standard. Not ideal either, right? I haven’t heard anything good or bad about the staging; it was tiny compared to CT, but without any complaints either way, I’m guessing it was adequate? First Durban RAMfest, first encore shut down! The refusal to allow encores is the biggest fuck you to an audience there could be. This happened at the Cape Town festival as well: its not a Durban diss, its an audience diss. We pay for our tickets, we stand and watch and party and sing and then we scream encore as our way of saying ‘thank you Band/ Organisers. We are loving it and would like some more. Please.” The band playing an encore is their way of saying, “thank you audience. We love that youre partying your tits off and we wouldn’t be able to do this if not for you, so thank you and heres another song.” To ignore this tradition is rude, but could be handled in a way that kept everyone happy if encores really are the devil to some organizers. Telling the crowd at the start that encores will not be played but bands will announce when theyre about to play their last song would do a long way to alleviate this ultimate ‘fuck you’ when youre screaming for more [and expecting it! For fucks sake, have these people never been to a show before? Encores are NORMAL!!] and the crew come on and start pulling the rig down. Im just so disappointed that what should have been one of the funnest nights of the year [and we’re only in March!] seems to marred by factors that were so easy to control and change.Hopefully the organizers do enough research into why Durban didn’t work as well as it could have, and don’t just write the city off as so many others do.

    • santobugtio says:

      This is the Ramfest in england. A small 5 band charity music festival based near Halifax, close to Leeds and Manchester.