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Last week in parliament, the crucial vote on whether pub companies with more than 500 pubs and at least one tenanted or leased site would be forced to offer a Market Rent Only (MRO) option, took place.  As it stands tied pubs are forced to buy beer at inflated prices from the pub company as […]

Pubpaper 784 – The real reason for the local pub!

Posted: 9th November 2014 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

The local pub is important, along with the local shop, chippie, post office and takeaway, it’s what differentiates a housing estate from a village.  There are places where people can meet and interact as part of day to day life, they give people a reason to stay in the local area and the create networks […]

My “most hated brewery” of all time, Greene King (frankly I’d rather go dry than drink most of their beer), who also manage 1900 of the country’s pubs and bars have had a takeover offer of £774 million accepted by the board of the Spirit Pub Company, the managed pub company spun off from Punch […]

Beer 52 Beer Box Review

Posted: 3rd November 2014 by santobugtio in Writing

I’ll start this piece with a declaration, the beers covered in this article were supplied compliments of for review on their request.  My aim is to be honest about the beers sent.  First lets detail the eight beers that were sent Freigest Abra-x-as – a smoked tart wheat beer from Main, Germany Belhaven Scottish […]