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This week we catch up with some of the issues covered in the last few weeks. Firstly, lets discuss the Portman Group, the creche nurses of the alcohol industry. I first discussed this group a few weeks ago in Pubpaper 754.  I mentioned at the time that Brewdog had encountered their “wrath” on more than […]

Today I am going to tell you a story about “Florida Growlers”.  In 47 states of America it is legal to sell draught beer for consumption off the premises in various sizes.  These range from a quarter gallon pot (approx 2 pints) to gallon containers (approx 8 pints).  However the most popular size across the […]

Last week the British Beer and Pub Assocation (BBPA) announced that overall alcohol consumption in 2013 was at its lowest figure in 20 years, falling to 7.7 litres per person, a drop of 18% since 2004 and 2.1% down on the previous years figures.   However as always things are not that simple, and when you […]

Alcohol marketing has a strict set of rules as defined by the Portman Group.  This means you cannot use words or imagery which may attract under age drinkers, associate drinking with physical, mental or sexual success, encourage irresponsible or rapid drinking or emphasise the high alcoholic strength of the drink.  Any marketing which encourages anti […]

Having a national chain of 13 pubs with 3 others spread across three continents, launching 2 successful share issues whilst expanding from 2 employees to 224 employees in 7 years is an impressive feat in anyone’s books.  At the same time brewing 9,414,680 pints of beer last year, 50 times the amount brewed in the […]