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There’s nothing better than a good session of nice beer or cider with family and friends, whether it is at the pub on a Saturday afternoon or at home entertaining guests over a nice meal.    Alcohol, for all the negatives that are wheeled out by the health concerns in this country, is the social glue […]

The headline figure from the 2014 Budget from a drinkers point of view was that beer duty is being cut by 1p a pint, the fuel duty escalator was being officially scrapped and that cider and whisky duty is being frozen.  But if you delved deeper into the figures, the changes are a bit more […]

Pubpaper 750 – Favourite Haunts

Posted: 12th March 2014 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

Birthdays always seem to equate to beer, and a good amount of it when it comes to adult birthdays.  I’m one year away from the third big occasion, my 40th, after the big gap between the first two at 18 and 21.  It was my wifes latest turning of indeterminate age last weekend and over […]

Pubpaper 749 – Great Heck Batman

Posted: 7th March 2014 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

I’d already missed the start of the Meet the Brewer event with Great Heck Brewery at The Cross Keys, Siddal when I arrived and thus didn’t have the benefit of the earlier talk and the subsequent Q+A.  The combination of a daughter using her ears rather too little and mouth rather too much at a […]

Most people have a way to telling that the warmer, lighter seasons will soon be upon us, whether it be certain birds coming into song, animals coming out of hibernation or simply the fact they leave for work and return home when it is no longer dark.  Me, I know spring and summer are just […]