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When the Let There Be Beer advert first aired about 9 weeks ago I wasn’t too impressed, to quote my column at the time “it is well produced and attempts to break the stereotypes….but is nothing original.  It could be an advert for any of the big brand lagers if you featured a single brand….has […]

Pubpaper 723 – Red Bull vs Redwell

Posted: 20th August 2013 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing
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Trademarks are a touchy subject, especially if you are the appointed legal firm for a multinational company, who in justifying their retainer can sometimes be slightly hypersensitive to possible infringements.  This is what has happened over the last couple of weeks with the action by Red Bull, the energy drink manufacturer against a small Norwich […]

Pubpaper 722 – The Cross Keys, Siddal

Posted: 18th August 2013 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

In mid 2012, Hugh Kirby and Ruth Dunsmore were looking for somewhere to live in Calderdale, what they found was the Cross Keys at Siddal.   You couldn’t say it was love at first sight, the pub which had been closed by Admiral Taverns showed the jewellery of a typical PubCo property.  The satellite dish on […]

The joy of a welcoming pub!

Posted: 12th August 2013 by santobugtio in Writing

One topic I keep returning to in these columns is customer service.  This can make or break a pub regardless of the range of beers, the decor or food on offer.  If your customers are not made to feel welcome then nobody will be there to enjoy it.   Most pubs get this right enough for […]

Pubpaper 721 – AB InBev and cutting costs.

Posted: 7th August 2013 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

I have wrote about the monster brewery that is AB InBev on many occasions on this column, but not surprisingly for a company its size, there is a lot you don’t know about them until you really look.  This giant brewery was the result of a multitude of mergers and acquisitions and with that comes […]

This week saw the annual summer camping trip for myself and my little girl accompanying a long time friend and his only daughter. For the first time we headed up to the Lake District, staying at the top end of Lake Windermere.  Half the fun of camping is just chilling out, eating good unhealthy food […]