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Now back to our regular broadcast, this week the “Let there be Beer” campaign was launched to promote the drink in all its forms.  The campaign is being backed by a consortium of interested parties ranging from global brewers such as Molson Coors, InBev, Carlsberg and Heineken to industry and consumer bodies such as the […]

Pubpaper 715a – Ramfest Music Festival

Posted: 27th June 2013 by santobugtio in Uncategorized

It will soon be the first week in July and that guarantees two things, the first is that we now go up to an allowance of 5 sunny warm days a month and second it is time for the Ramfest Music Festival at Southowram Cricket Club again, for which I have provisionally booked one of those […]

Ted Tuppen, the Chairman of Enterprise Inns, is making his lookalike Al Bundy from Married with Children look like a model of stability with his recent rantings regarding the Statutory Code for Pub Companies.   His latest address to the Tenanted Pub Company Summit is no different. He gives himself the deluded self imposed title “The […]

Pubpaper 713 – The Bad Attitude Landlord

Posted: 10th June 2013 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any public facing business, even more important when need to keep customers on your premises to continue to purchase your wares.  Last weekend I went out for night out with my wife and experienced the two opposite ends of customer service.  The good I will […]

At last summer seems to have shown its face and gave us temperatures which are not prefixed with a minus character.  This means that for one weekend a month until August we can sit outside in the beer garden wearing just a t-shirt and enjoy our beers in the fresh air.  However summer also means […]