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Pubpaper 702 – Snow Trapped Pubs

Posted: 31st March 2013 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing
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Snow glorious snow, in the week before Easter you couldn’t avoid it, especially if you live atop a hill like me.  Older locals are saying that they haven’t seen this much since 1963 or 1969 according to who you talk to.  Buried cars and hitting 7 foot walls of snow on country lanes become the […]

In the third part of my Good Beer Guide retrospective we jump forward 11 years for the turn of the millenium.  The first thing you notice is how much thicker the 2000 edition is, approx twice the thickness of the 1989 book, the second thing you notice is there is a lot more editorial content […]

I’ve lived in Halifax for 15 years now, all of them residing at various locations on Beacon Hill, however most of the time up here has been spent living in Southowram, a village it would take a lot for me to move away from now with the open countryside on its doorstep looking down over […]

This week brings you part 2 of the Good Beer Guide retrospective, the year in question being 1989 this time.  Thanks again go to the Sportsman at Ploughcroft for lending me the book from their collection,  I hope to bring you the final part of this series in a few weeks covering the 2000 book […]

We all know that mainstream American beers do not have the best reputation for quality and taste in the world.  The same can be said of the UK mainstream lagers such as Fosters, Carlsberg and Carling as well, but at least they are officially weak and tasteless.  Revelations came out a few weeks ago regarding […]

I must start this weeks column by thanking the landlord of the Sportsman at Ploughcroft for lending me the topic of this week column. The Good Beer Guide 1982 contains this quote on the first page “The price of beer continues to rise while pubs empty and production falls…prices are increasing by almost 30% per […]