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Another week and another cider is launched onto the market trading under the brand name of a well known but bland tasting lager.  This time it is Carling British Cider from Molson Coors who have a fantastic track record at launching new brands, from Animee to Carling Zest none have took the on trade by […]

One of my heroes is the late great comedian Bill Hicks who died nearly 20 years ago just as his career was about to really take off at the age of 32 from pancreatic cancer.   Among an extensive body of excellent work, he did a sketch about George Bush Senior waiting until he was out […]

It was bound to happen, the day after you submit your piece saying there is no action regarding the pub tie and the pub companies treatment of tenants they announce statutory code and a parliamentary debate on the topic.  However I’m glad that things are now moving forward regarding this.  The pub companies and the […]

There is no doubt that this countries pub stock is suffering, the physical evidence is there before our own eyes with a significant number of boarded up pubs distributed all over the country on a fairly even basis.  The root and branch pub has been attacked from all sides via taxation, competition from the supermarkets, […]

Welcome back to the tap room for the first time in 2013 and I hope Christmas and New Year treated you all well. Brighouse residents can’t have not noticed the temporary closure of the Ship Inn just before Christmas.  There was no explanation for this unexpected event leading to rumour and conjecture, turning to relief […]