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This week marks the last issue of Pubpaper for this year and so it seems the perfect time to do a brief review of 2012.  The year has generally been a good one personally from a pub and beer position although many in the trade may not agree with me.  However the last couple of […]

The black stuff is hitting dark times, Guinness sales are on the wane, with a 10% drop in volume and 5% drop in value in the past 12 months.  They are blaming the contracting beer market for this drop despite there being only a 4.5% drop in volume and an actual 1.3% increase in value […]

So the government are proposing a minimum cost per unit of alcohol of 45p, 5p higher than the previously suggested figure and 5p less than the proposed Scottish minimum price per unit. It is also suggesting that multibuy promotions such as 2-4-1 are to be banned.  The figures they quote regarding the health benefits and […]