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In one more week we will reach the start of the Christmas party season when people who haven’t drank any significant amounts of alcohol all year decide to get their annual hangover while being filmed doing something embarrassing.  In the past few years I’ve attended formal dinners, James Bond and Arabian Nights themed evenings, but […]

In the chain of the distribution between the brewer and the pub, beers can get to their destination in one of three main ways.  The first is direct from brewery to pub as is the case with many smaller brewers who mainly supply local establishments.  This works well when there is a regular route or […]

Pubpaper 683 – Local news for local people

Posted: 11th November 2012 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

Last week it was announced that John Gray, the former editor of PubSpeak and current editor of InnSpeak, died at the age of 74.  There had been rumours of his illness for a while, and it appeared that something was not right when you looked at recent issues of InnSpeak when compared to ones from […]

The mostly widely discussed topic in the British beer world in recent times is the Beer Duty Escalator (BDE), a treasury policy which increases the duty on beer by inflation + 2% every March budget.  This was introduced in 2008 by the then Labour government and is expected to be in place until the 2014/15 […]