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Like many people I attend a gym regularly despite what my joints keep telling me.  It is not at all fancy, there isn’t a flat screen TV in the place, CRT displays being the order of the day.  Some machines have seen better days and a couple haven’t worked since I joined, while the changing […]

Beer festivals are big business for pubs and venues, this is the only conclusion given the number of such events which take place every year.  Just in Calderdale alone there is at least one beer festival every week somewhere in the area during peak season which generally runs from May until October.  One weekend in […]

It is very easy to get trapped into a cycle of visiting the same pubs repeatedly, for most people this is not an issue, in fact it is behaviour like this which keeps many local pubs profitable.  Two or three pints does not sound much, but repeated 2-3 times a week plus a couple of […]

Over the last few weeks I have covered various aspects of alcohol marketing and branding, from failed launches to those who have a very good track record in getting it right.  One of the latter is Guinness who’s reputation for eye catching adverts over the last 30 years is second to none, unlike the beer […]