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There can be no doubt that the number of pubs trading in the UK has reduced over the last 25 years, coming down from 66,000 in 1986 to 52,000 in 2010.   We have all seen the physical evidence on the high streets and our local roads with an increased number of closed and barely trading […]

We all have our favourite breweries.  For mainstream lager drinkers they will be the likes of Molson Coors, Carlsberg or InBev who produce products such as Stella, Carlsberg, Coors and Carling.  If you like real ale, but stick to the larger brands, your choice may well be Timothy Taylor, Black Sheep or Copper Dragon if […]

Pubpaper 666 – 25 years of the Demon Alcopop

Posted: 14th July 2012 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

This week Pubpaper is bringing you its “satan” edition, we have reached issue number 666 and therefore we must deal with the devil, so this week I cover the polar opposite of my beloved real and craft ale, the evil incarnate that is Alcopops.  They have been with us since the late 1980s and although […]

99% of the articles I write are destined to be published in Pubpaper, a local weekly pub and beer magazine which is distributed widely across the pubs of Calderdale and the Calder Valley area.  For nearly 2 years my 800 words a week have been appearing just after the “CalderAle” beer guide to what pubs […]

In the world of Calderdale real ale, there are names which people recognise as the old guard of the scene, those pubs who have built a reputation over many years for consistently good beers,  Puzzle Hall Inn (despite a short period of closure), Three Pigeons, Pump Room and Red Rooster all being good examples.  However […]