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As anybody who has followed me in the past should know Greene King are not my favourite big brewer. In fact it is a brand I personally will not drink due to the blandness and inconsistency of the beer.  Only a few months ago, I wrote about moving onto coffee when Greene King and Guinness […]

One little word makes all the difference.  On budget day George Osbourne announced there would no changes to planned alcohol duty. Initially this read (even by the BBC) as duty was not to be increased, but after listening more carefully what he said, what was really meant was that there was no change from the […]

The Halifax Real Ale Mile runs from the Ring O’Bells along the bottom of town till it reaches the Shears Inn, taking 5 pubs known for a good ale selection.  Two of the central pubs on the mile are the most established, namely the Three Pigeons and the Pump Room, two pubs I used to […]

It is not an overestimation that there are too many cooking shows on TV now, it wouldn’t even be an exaggeration that there are too many food channels.  When I was at university and into the mid nineties two shows ruled the roost, Ready Steady Cook and Food and Drink, with the second being the […]

In Britain, we can consider our history of beer drinking to go back 2000 years when the Romans brought mass production of beer to these isles.   For all but 40 years of this history, one kind of beer has ruled, ale, the traditional mix of water, barley, hops and yeast.  Lagered beers were the domain […]

I enjoy my real ale and craft beers, so far this year I have tried approximately 40 different brews, of those stouts and porters make up over a quarter.  The split between bottled and draught beer is roughly half.    Sampling 12 different beers this past weekend helped add to this total.   There is a definite […]