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Let me give you a scenario “A man goes into a bar, has more than a few drinks, come 11pm, the same man allegedly starts a brawl where he lashed out and headbutted a fellow drinker, then started attacking several other patrons. The bar in question is unlicensed and serves alcohol at subsidised prices.   The […]

A pint of the black stuff used to mean just one drink to me, “Guinness”, but as I wrote a few weeks ago, I’ve seriously fell out of love with the stuff, and have actively been trying as many stouts and porters as I can over the past couple of months.  I’m only a couple […]

The attack dogs have been put on a leash temporarily in the dog fight that was the craft / keg / cask / real ale war.  The troops are playing football in no mans land and managing not to put in two footed tackles.  This means we can get down to the important element in […]

I wrote last week regarding craft beer, and who qualifies as making such beers as being an impossible task.    It is easy enough to say which brewery (in our own opinion) makes really good beer most of the time, as there will almost always be a beer from a brewer that you don’t rate or […]