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Last week I had the opportunity to visit Wetherspoons Beer Festival in Brighouse and sample a couple of the American Craft Brews I mentioned earlier in the month, and I am glad to report that they were both nice beers. The Mordue Red Rye Riwaka and Odell Ninety Schilling had a nice amount of hops […]

The Cask Report ( from CAMRA has been out for a few weeks now, and I have previously commented on a couple of the points raised. Going deeper into the report and looking past the sections which have been widely reported in the media, there is some interesting analysis of the current cask ale market. […]

Fosters Fine Art Online Store

Posted: 16th October 2011 by admin in Websites
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Recently I completed an online shop for a Jason Foster, a local photographer from Halifax. You can find the site here at Pictures are available from 7in x 5in upto 28in x 20in.

As you know I am normally a pale ale drinker, but recently have been getting into stouts to a greater degree.  You will know I have recommended the hoppier ales from Brewdog many times in this column, and I had the luck to spot a new stout from them in a local supermarket last weekend. […]

After 2 weeks in Majorca, Its good to back in the UK, at least in one sense, some variation in beer taste.  Although Mahou, Cruzcampo, Estrelle Damn and San Miguel are decent beers, after a week of exclusively drinking them, their taste does seem to merge into a generic “lager” flavour which stays with you […]