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In the second of my holiday articles, I will reflect back on a year of regular writing for PubPaper, all 55 columns and 41,000 words.  Sometimes its been easy to write a weekly missive, others its been the equivalent of pulling a tooth out of the horses mouth while it is running the Grand National. […]

Update : Came in at 6:05 and in 11th place in Walkers class. 5.30am, September 25th 2011, a time of day no sensible person should be up at. The same non sane person who had paid to walk 20 miles along the length of the Hope Valley for the fourth year in a row.  There […]

3 years ago I wrote a rough guide to north east Mallorca, and it is still one of the most referenced entries on this blog over that period, so after the last 11 days staying in the same resort, it might to be prudent to do an update to this article.  The original post can […]

A lot of you reading these words will currently be in the pub enjoying a pint, the rest of you were doing so quite recently, and the vast majority of you will have been sharing that time with other people.  The pub is core meeting place for many groups of friends, whether it be the […]

Fosters are introducing a new dispenser to pubs which pours “the perfect pint” using two nozzles to first pour and then “create the head and lock in the bubbles” by shooting the said bubbles into the top of the beer.  I have a couple of issues with this, first it is a lot of messing […]

This map appears was due to appear in issue 622 of Pubpaper’s Guide to the Rushbearing Festival taking place on 4th – 5th September in Sowerby Bridge. See for more details

In Dante’s Inferno, he describes the 9 circles of Hell.  These are Limbo, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Anger, Heresy, Violence, Fraud and Treachery.  After drinking a certain beer last Sunday, I am now ready to add the 10th circle, provisionally titled Torture, as well as it comfortably sitting in several existing circles for its crimes against […]