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A few weeks ago I mentioned that BrewDog were taking a second stab at raising funds for expansion via their “Equity for Punks” share issue.  Last time round in 2009 they only achieved a third of what they required, however this issue is going a lot better and they have already raised £1m towards their […]

Over the last month, several brands have announced their decision to reduce the ABV of some of their key brands.  Budweiser Draft will reduce from 5% to 4.3%, while Brains are reducing their SA Gold from 4.7% to the same 4.3%.  I’m sure the price will not reduce any however.  The thought in the trade […]

Cask Walk 6 – Halifax and Manor Heath

Posted: 15th August 2011 by admin in Caldercask, Writing

Over the past 18 months, these pub walks have taken you all over Calderdale, from Hipperholme and Brighouse to Sowerby and Hebden Bridge.  I try to bring you a different set of pubs each time, but inevitably there comes a time where you cannot avoid overlapping without the walks become too convoluted.  One area I […]

You’ve heard the phrase “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt”.  After my visit to the Vox Bar in Huddersfield I can truthfully say all three, as I am currently sitting here wearing the said item.  Sitting behind Wetherspoons, this bar has ales on tap from every country of brewing note, as well as as […]

Background music is everywhere, from the supermarket, to shops and the local pub.  Every public premise which plays music has to pay a fee to PPL (Phonographic Performance Limited aka Pirates Pillaging Landlords) scheme which redistributes the payment to writers and performers.  The PPL are prosposing to increase fees substantially with extra fees for “special […]