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As you know, I am not a big fan of big brand lagers. Fosters, Carlsberg, Carling, Stella, Kronenberg and their ilk do nothing for me at all.  However I am not against all lagers or lagered beers to be more correct.  The Germans and Czechs do some excellent examples and I have recommended them in […]

After a few weeks of covering national issues, I will start with our local area this week.  Firstly hats off to the Ship Inn for a very well organised Festivale, although I only had the chance to pop in for a couple of quick sessions over the weekend, it was a text book model of […]

Pubpaper 598 – Us and Them

Posted: 17th March 2011 by admin in Pub Paper, Writing

I’d love to know what planet Scott Wilson, director of public affairs at Molson Coors is on.  He declares that small and large brewers need to join forces to fight off the “dark forces” of wine and spirits, and declare a “beer revolution”.  Quoting Scott “The feminine perception of beer was of male dominance, too […]

Does a village need a local pub? I use the term village deliberately as as town will generally have other pubs to take up the slack if a premise closes.  Most villages outside of tourist destinations will have at tops a couple of pubs, and most small villages will only have one.  When I moved […]

An article this week revealed that the last of the ‘Rat and Parrot’ chain, formed in the mid 1990’s when pub companies were jumping feet first into more female friendly pub concepts, finally closed this week.  My peak drinking years between the ages of 17 and 25 fell dead in the middle of the decade […]