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I’m writing this from the real ale backwater that is my birth town of Leicester. I’m sure the place has real ale pubs, in fact I know there are many listed in the Good Beer Guide, but I never seem to get to them somehow. Elsewhere you experience the green wash that is Everards in […]

Pubpaper 590 – Purity and Health

Posted: 20th January 2011 by admin in Pub Paper, Writing

We all know that the number of pubs in the area has declined markedly over the last 5 years, however statistics from Fleurets, who deal in commercial property sales, showed that last year over 50% of pubs sold were no longer used for that purpose. The main new use was for residential with retail, restaurants […]

This week finds the writer sitting in Wetherspoon’s Barum Top at 9am having breakfast while writing this column and waiting for a hopefully small bill from the garage as a result of the MOT. While not as much of a fan of the chain as I used to be, due to their recently changed family […]

Pubpaper 588 – New Year, New Tax, New Beer

Posted: 6th January 2011 by admin in Pub Paper, Writing

I hope this column finds you well after the celebrations over Christmas and New Year. As I write this, we are 12 hours into 2011 and I guess that a good number of you are still recovering from the the festivities. Firstly I’d like to make a correction to last issues column, after extensive sampling […]