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Caldercask Walk No 4 – Beacon Hill Ramble

Posted: 22nd December 2010 by admin in Caldercask, Writing

My first walk in this series took you from the top of Beacon Hill down to the valleys below, and this walk will do the same, except this time we start from the Bank Top end of the village, at the newly re-opened Cock and Bottle, before dropping down to Travellers Inn at Hipperholme, cutting […]

Pubpaper 587 – Review of the Year

Posted: 22nd December 2010 by admin in Pub Paper, Writing

Although titled a review of the year, this is not strictly just about this year, but about the best places I’ve visited and beers I’ve tried in the last 12 months. I’ll start with the beers that have most impressed me this year, this can be split down into bottled and pumped beers. When considering […]

Welcome to the penultimate Thoughts…. of the year, and I hope it sees you all enjoying the pre festive season. Unfortunately in 3 weeks time our pint will cost us another 7p on average as a result of the VAT rise. I can remember when I first started drinking in my late teens (18 years […]

As part of writing this column I trawl the Trade papers for interesting or relevant news (there are only so many feature pieces you can do before you run out of topics for a while), however some just falls into the category “why bother”. This week, the resident in that box is the Governments decision […]