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Mad Men Season 3 Episode 11

Posted: 27th October 2009 by admin in Mad Men

WARNING – SEASON 3 SPOILERS – US PACE This week saw the eleventh episode of Mad Men Season 3, and the tying of the story threads started. This season has been accused of drifting over the middle episodes, and it was ironic that the episode which pulled the series sharply back into focus was called […]

Nine Edges 2009 – Its getting better

Posted: 5th October 2009 by admin in Endurance Events, Travel

Tell me (deep breath) why (deep breath) I’ve paid (deep breath) to do this (deep breath) again.  That was my feelings as I ascended the 350m up to the top of Derwent Edge, its utter madness if you thought about it.  You’ve still got 21.5 miles to do, and your warm up is the steepest […]