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Holiday Part 4 – Portmerrion and Ffestiniog Railway

Posted: 27th September 2009 by admin in Travel

On the last two days of the holiday, we did the local tourist things you do when you are in the Portmadog area, mainly go on one of the steam trains and go to visit Portmeirion. I’ll cover the latter first, as it had more of an impact on me. Portmeirion photos can be found […]

DON’T GO TO PWLLHELI EVER! THERE IS NOTHING TO DO! OK, warning over, lets get on with the day. Today was an early start, as I was going to a attempt an ascent of Moewlyn Mawr. Starting out from Creoso village, the plan was to ascend the peak and if time allowed a lower neighbouring […]

Holiday Part 2 – Arrival and Caernarfon

Posted: 27th September 2009 by admin in Travel

Some how yesterday we managed to get across from Chester to Portmadog on mostly deserted roads,and no caravans to be be seen! We came down via Denbigh, over past Llyn Brenig on the B4501 and then after a short run on the A5 we headed south on the B4407 over the moors to Ffesiniog before […]

Holiday Part 1 – The Travelodge Rant and Chester

Posted: 27th September 2009 by admin in Travel

I pull aside the curtains from the sofa bed next to the window, it still dark, 6am I guess, I am wrong, checking my phone its 5.20am. Having nothing else left to do but lie here, I realise I could be in any hotel in this chain, in any location in the UK right now, […]