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When you aren’t drinking out at the pub then thoughts of licensed drinking can drift into your mind easily, prompted by news of a pub opening or changing, talking to friends on their related experiences or simply that craving that you can’t satisfy at this very point.  Of course, we think about eating and drinking […]

Pubpaper 882 – Other Peoples Drinking

Posted: 22nd November 2016 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

It had to happen at some point in time and last week was the first time I missed writing a Pubpaper in over 6 years.  Yet another weekend hospital visit,,the third in a month, finally stopped me in my tracks.  But I’m back (from a writing point of view and frankly missing the pub like […]

I have never missed writing an article for this column in 6 years and this week was the closest I’ve come to it so far. I’ve contracted a pretty serious chest infection and spent 4 days at the Hotel Calderdale Royal Hospital being pumped full of their finest Chateau de Antibiotic. Not much scope for […]

Pubpaper 879 – Back to home pastures

Posted: 1st November 2016 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

Unfortunately I have to start this week’s column with some bad news, no doubt carried by the editor already.  The Works in Sowerby Bridge closed its doors in the past couple of weeks for what could be the last time.    The venue was obviously shut at short notice as seasonal function bookings were left in […]

There’s plenty happening on the Calderdale pub scene at the moment with another new real ale venue in Hebden Bridge.  Nido, a cafe bar has opening its doors in the last month just up the road from Drink? And the Old Gate.  I’ve not been myself but fellow beer writer Chris Dyson alerted me to […]

Pubpaper 877 – Manchester Beermoth and Oast House

Posted: 16th October 2016 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

This weekend saw another visit to Manchester for the day, it being 6 weeks since my birthday trip to the same city.  The girls of my family were going to see Frozen on Ice at the arena, so myself and my parents decided to kill time over a few drinks in the city centre.  I […]

This weekend myself and the family popped over to the Marsden Jazz Festival on Saturday.   Only finding out about the event on the Friday night when I met a friend there for a walk and beer after work, a ton of free performances, lots of pubs and pop up bars and good food appealed.   In […]

Pubpaper 875 – Variety in the Valley

Posted: 1st October 2016 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

Libertine in Mytholmroyd opened in 2015 and subsequently took a bath in the floods at the back end of the year, a few months ago it re-opened in a rather dryer state.  A rather unassuming single storey building on the corner of Bridge End opposite Sainsburys with a single banner hanging over part of one […]

Pubpaper 874 – 6 years of the Taproom and a beer festival

Posted: 26th September 2016 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

This article is my 300th for Pubpaper, my first article back nearly 6 years ago being about “The Rise and Fall of the British Pub”.  At the time I recorded that SIBA had reported 420 members, now they have 825 members, a massive jump in 5 years by any scale.  Some things never change, the […]

For the members of CAMRA it is one of the big weeks of the years as the Good Beer Guide 2017 is published and pubs find out if they are still in, are out or have made their first entry.  In the Calderdale region we have a good number of pubs listed, many of them […]