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The government is a bit of a chocolate fireguard when it comes to the pub sector, it puts up sensible policies initially which then melts away when any heat comes its way from big business.  So lets start this week by having a look at our new community pubs minister, Kris Hopkins.  His voting record […]

As I have brought up many times before, Craft Beer is hard to define, however I saw this week a perfect definition which no one can argue about.  Put quite simply craft beer “is like pornography — you know it when you see it.”  These are the words from the head brewer of a Californian […]

This week saw the release of the Governments response to the consultation into “The Statutory Code governing the PubCo / Tenant relationship”.   There will be two levels of statutory code, the core code which will apply to all pub companies and the enhanced code which will apply to pub companies with more than 500 tied […]

It’s that time of year again where I get to promote the Ramfest music festival at Southowram Cricket Club. This year we have moved to Saturday 5th July as a one off due to all cricket being cancelled for the weekend, so you have a chance to have a day to recover from 9 hours […]

Pubpaper 763 – The Joy of Beer

Posted: 15th June 2014 by santobugtio in Pub Paper, Writing

On a Saturday afternoon our usual family routine is we take both my daughters to dancing lessons and then whilst the eldest does her lessons later, we go for a couple of drinks.  It is more a question of which pub do we want to go to rather than which pub can we go to, […]

As you read this, it will be the 190th article which has appeared in this slot just after the CalderAle News.  That is approximately 142,000 words, over twice the length of my favourite book, Brave New World by Aldous Huxley.  I’ve only got another 3 volumes this size and I’ve written War and Peace.   Yes, […]

This week saw a day trip to our capital city to visit my employers head office. Situated about 10 miles south of the heart of london, it is a 4 hour trip each way.  Part of the trip takes me from Kings Cross to London Bridge, normally done in a 10 minute ride on the […]

We have all heard the stories of city dwellers who move out to one of the nearby villages and complain that the church bells which have been ringing every morning at 6am for the last 150 years are too loud and too early and try to get them stopped through official channels, or complains the […]

The style of most drinks you can recognise by the category they fall into, ale, lager, cider, wheat beer etc.  But I came across one which takes some working out, the “spider” market sector.  Not immediately obvious is it, but it means “spirit cider” or for those of us are not so gullible “alcopop”.  I […]

The great thing about a night out with a few beers is that sometimes anything can happen.  In Leeds I’ve ended up at a party wandering between various artist studios which made up two floors of a mill just outside Leeds.  Last weekend was just one of those nights, starting off over a few beers […]