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Pubpaper 886 – Festive Pub Time

Posted: 2nd January 2017 by santobugtio in Uncategorized

I hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and got to visit all the pubs you wanted to and sample all the beers your taste buds desired.  Looking at the facebook feeds from our various real ale pubs from across the Calder Valley they seemed to do good trade across the season, […]

Last week SABMiller finally agreed to accept the AB InBev offer of $107 billion to take over the company.   However as part of the deal and to reduce the merged company’s domination in North America, SABMiller will sell their stake in MillerCoors, who produces and distributes Miller Lite, Blue Moon and Coors Lite.   The buyer […]

A couple of weeks ago the Bull’s Head pub in Sowerby Bridge started it’s new life with the first phase of development completed to allow the cellar bar to open as the Sowerby Taps.  Due to my current non drinking status I’ve not had a chance to visit, but looking at the pictures it has […]

Last weekend, I popped over to Huddersfield for the afternoon, and it would’ve been rude not to visit a couple of its excellent hostelries.  The last time I was at the Kings Head within the Railway Station building it was in the middle of a major rebuilding project with the roof being held up by […]

Those who want to read about beer, please skip to column 2, because it is that time of year again when I promote the Ramfest Music Festival at Southowram Cricket Club on Sunday July 5th from 1pm, now in its sixth year, raising more money for our two nominated charities and bringing you some of […]

This week, after a few weeks exploring the beer world far and wide, I’m going to discuss some of our local pubs.  Living in the area for 17 years now, I’ve seen pubs come and go, fall into the pits and rise like a phoenix from the flames.  I’ve seen too many turned into housing […]

Pubpaper 715a – Ramfest Music Festival

Posted: 27th June 2013 by santobugtio in Uncategorized

It will soon be the first week in July and that guarantees two things, the first is that we now go up to an allowance of 5 sunny warm days a month and second it is time for the Ramfest Music Festival at Southowram Cricket Club again, for which I have provisionally booked one of those […]

A pint of the black stuff used to mean just one drink to me, “Guinness”, but as I wrote a few weeks ago, I’ve seriously fell out of love with the stuff, and have actively been trying as many stouts and porters as I can over the past couple of months.  I’m only a couple […]

There has been much written both in the blogosphere among beer writers and in this paper by myself and the editor regarding CAMRA’s attitude to keg beer.  Their view on the subject is generally considered to be both unhealthy to the beer trade generally and being too inclusive given the craft keg beer revolution which […]